Benchmarking Operator to evaluate the performance of Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters and external services.

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At xridge.io are really excited about the paradigm shift Kubernetes introduces. As much as we like to work with Kubernetes and OpenShift, we would like to give back our contribution to the community, therefore, we are happy to announce our first open source project, Kubestone.


Your cluster's raw performance is measured to provide a baseline for CPU, network, and disk.


Your services' bandwidth and response time is measured to identify its key performance characteristics.

Monitoring & alerting

Private-beta feature: Receive alerts when your workload characteristics are changing.

Open Source

Kubestone is a benchmarking Operator that evaluates the performance of Kubernetes and OpenShift installations in detail. You can use to gather data, optimize Cloud computing resources, lower the costs of Kubernetes clusters and finetune the management of autoscaling deployments. Give our tool a try and let us know what you think.

Inquiry about support

We enjoy working with Kubernetes, developing new tools, solving tricky problems. If you are looking for support installing Kubestone or Kubernetes or solve a challenge you have, submit a request here.